Initial idea
This project presents my idea of mobile app for learning German. I did not want to design one of these "every language" app, because I believe that every language is unique and we need another kind of approach for learning each one.
The reason why I have been thinking about making this app is that I have difficulties to find a decent application for these languages, which I already know at a high level (around C1-C2). Since English is the most popular language nowadays, there is a range of applications for English. But we're lacking an app for German!
This app is designed for English speakers, who want to learn German effectively, therefore it provides every level of study, including the higher levels, not only the basics.
I am aware that every brand, which wants to be successful, must have a unique name and visual identity. The name of my app is a transformed combination of two words - German "Vokabular" and English "memory". The letter "W" is added in order to make the word a proper noun and to make the app easier to distinguish for the audience. Moreover, the letter "W" is commonly recognised by English speakers as a letter used very often in German.
The logo of my app contains the colors of German flag. It is so, because I wanted to make sure that people, who would randomly find my application amongst other learning apps, would instantly know that the app is about learning German.