This poster was made for my Digital Photography and Image Manipulation module at university. Students did not have to add anything to the image besides the 3D models, but I created the title and put PEGI label which made the poster more believable.
I used photogrammetry method to scan the dragon toy in order to implement it to the image. The background photograph was taken by me at University of Glasgow campus.
Making of
At first, I started research about game and film posters. When I decided for a theme, I began planning composition and looking for a good set where I would take the background photo.
The biggest struggle for me was to find a place with enough space so that I could put the characters there. Finally I found the ideal spot and took a photo which I only had to frame and enhance in Photoshop.
Dragon toy which I used as my 3D model
All other things were done in the photography studio at Glasgow Caledonian University. There I shot over 150 photos of the dragon toy which I bought specially for this project. By putting the pictures in Autodesk Remake software I received the 3D model of my dragon with only little number of flaws. The flaws were later corrected in Photoshop. The girl model was made in the same way as the dragon.
After I got both models, I had to add models' shadows using 3ds Max. The shadows are quite subtle and do not have exact direction just like the shadows in the original picture. This was also the moment when I had to locate and scale the models so that they would match each other.
The last stage of the whole process was again in Photoshop. I removed grey areas that appeared in some parts of the models, where camera did not catch the texture. Then, I added the title and the label and voilà! Thus the poster was made!